Kinefinity MAVO LF mark2

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Integrating a superior-performing processor with the identical full-frame 3:2 CMOS image sensor seen in the MAVO Edge 6K, Kinefinity’s MAVO mark2 6K LF Digital Cinema Camera delivers impressive 6K frame rates reaching 96 fps. It features pronounced highlight details, natural-looking images, and exceptional performance in low-light settings with its dual native ISOs of 800 and 5120. When paired with an adaptable KineMOUNT, available separately, the MAVO mark2 LF supports EF, PL, LPL, as well as the newly introduced active PL and Sony E-mount adapters.

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Kinefinity MAVO LF mark2

The Kinefinity MAVO LF Mark 2 seamlessly integrates the exceptional 36X24mm 3:2 CMOS imaging sensor, previously showcased in both the MAVO Edge 6K and its predecessor, the MAVO LF Mk1. This expansive large format not only enhances visual depth but also provides versatility with the option to crop to the S35 format. Building on the sophisticated MAVO Edge computing infrastructure, the Mark 2 comes equipped with industry-standard ports, including dual independent SDI outputs complete with metadata. Moreover, it is capable of recording and encoding impressive Apple ProRes4444/XQ footage directly onto the NVMe M.2 2280 SSD. Embodying a compact design without compromising on capabilities, the MAVO LF Mark 2 presents a more accessible professional filmmaking tool, promising both efficiency and affordability.

Kinefinity Mavo s35 mark2 mounts gafpa gear

The MAVO LF Mark 2 boasts the distinguished 6K full-frame 3:2 CMOS imaging sensor, previously celebrated in both the MAVO Edge 6K and the MAVO LF (Mk1). It delivers impressive frame rates reaching up to 75fps in 6K Wide and 150fps in 4K Wide. Further enhancing its capabilities, the camera incorporates a dual native ISO of 5120/800. While the standard ISO 800 caters to conventional scenarios, the heightened ISO of 5120 excels in low-light conditions, producing imagery with notable clarity, high latitude, and minimal noise. This makes it particularly invaluable for documentary filmmakers or night shoots. Notably, compared to its predecessor, the MAVO LF, the Mark 2 version showcases enhanced highlights and crisper shadows, optimizing its performance in challenging environments.

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The Kinefinity MAVO LF Mark 2 enhances lens versatility with the introduction of a fresh mount system. Beyond its native KineMOUNT, which allows swift transitions between mounting adapters like EF, PL, and LPL without tools, the MAVO Mark 2 introduces two cutting-edge lens mounts: the Active Fixed PL Mount and the Active Fixed E Mount. These active mounts, designed for tool-less attachment and detachment, eliminate the need for flange distance adjustments and feature a dependable cine-style locking system.

The previous E-mount attachment to the KineMOUNT presented challenges, including the absence of electronic support for iris adjustment and lens stabilization. Moreover, the design of the KineMOUNT combined with the E-mount’s short flange made it problematic to lock larger diameter lenses. The revamped native Fixed Active E-mount effectively addresses these concerns.

With the Active E Mount, the MAVO LF Mark 2 seamlessly supports a vast range of contemporary E-mount lenses, enabling in-camera or manual adjustments to iris, focal length, and focus. If supported, lens optical stabilization can be activated. Similar to the Active PL Mount, the Active E Mount showcases lens metadata on monitors, storing them directly into the clip for enhanced on-set interactivity and post-production flexibility.

Pushing the boundaries of adaptability, the MAVO LF Mark 2 emphasizes its commitment to accommodating an array of modern lenses. Whether it’s cine PL/LPL lenses, DSLR EF lenses, or the latest E-mount lenses, the MAVO Mark 2 is adept at capturing a rich tapestry of visual styles.

Kinefinity Mavo s35 mark2 sensor

Highly integrated body design, Advanced Processing power

The MAVO LF Mark 2 builds upon the award-winning integrated design of the MAVO Edge camera, a recipient of the esteemed iF DESIGN AWARD 2021. This sleek camera weighs a mere 1.35kg (2.98lbs) but doesn’t skimp on features. It’s outfitted with an array of control ports, dual SDI outputs with embedded metadata and audio, and superior multi-channel audio recording capabilities, facilitated through phantom-powered XLR and a 3.5-inch stereo input. The camera also integrates dual KineMON ports, allowing concurrent use of two Kinefinity solutions, such as the acclaimed Kinefinity EVF. Essential timecode and RS connections further enhance its versatility, and the SDI output can function independently from the KineMON signals, offering clean feeds or integrated 3D LUTs.

Optimized Power Management

Addressing power requirements, the MAVO LF Mark 2 introduces a groundbreaking hybrid battery plate compatible with the standard 14.8V V-mount batteries as well as compact BP-U type batteries.

Kinefinity Mavo Lf2 mark2 Agilepack Gafpa Gear

Apple ProRes4444 Recording: MAVO LF mark2 has the powerful capability of directly recording high-quality clips in-camera, with industry standard visual losless codecs like 10 bit ProRes422 LT to 12 bit ProRes4444XQ. The advanced architecture and Recording media allows the MAVO mark2 to record and playback in full frame rates and resolutions at up to 6K Wide 96fps in ProRes4444XQ format.

Safe and Flexible Recording Media: The SSD slot of MAVO LF mark2 is based on PCIe, and the recommended recording media is the proprietary KineMAG Nano 1TB/2TB based on NVMe M.2 2280 SSD. KineMAG Nano SSD has two superior safety features: Read-only and RAID 5. It improves the safeness and robustness of the KineMAG Nano while copying or writing to the SSD at blazing fast speed in camera. With a universal USB-C port, KineMAG Nano allows offloading data to the workstation at a speed of up to 10Gbps with a single USB-C cable. Alternatively Kinefinity also offers Kinemag Nano enclosures to install your own cost effective NVME media!

Kinefinity Mavo s35 mark2 kinemag gafpa gear

Compatibility and Versatility with Accessories

The MAVO LF Mark 2 is fully compatible with the high-definition KineMON-5U2/7U2 touchscreen monitors and the state-of-the-art KineEVF. Users can effortlessly view and modify camera parameters directly on these monitors. Additionally, the device supports the KineEVF2 OLED Viewfinder, delivering crisp and vivid color images reminiscent of viewing through an optical viewfinder.

Integrated Camera Rig Solutions

For rig configurations, the MAVO LF Mark 2 seamlessly integrates with the Movcam KineKIT-Edge, featuring a UPS baseplate, as well as the Tilta Camera Cage and SmallRig Camera Cage Kit tailored for the MAVO Edge series. Given the uniformity in height and screw thread placements across the Edge series, users can interchangeably use accessories between these cameras.

Introducing the Agile KIT

Catering to a more sophisticated camera experience, the newly unveiled “Agile KIT” is customized for the MAVO LF Mark 2. It boasts a contemporary carbon fiber top handle complemented by rod support, a luminous 2000-nits KineMON-5U2 monitor capable of 360-degree rotation via a specialized arm, the innovative dual-D and dual-C KineBAT99 batteries, and the dependable KineMAG Nano 1TB SSD as the recording medium. With the “Agile KIT”, the MAVO LF Mark 2 is not only feature-packed but also primed for action at any given moment.

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Kinefinity MAVO LF mark2 agile package Gafpa Gear
Kinefinity Mavo Lf2 mark2 6k Agilepack Gafpa Gear
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Kinefinity Mavo Lf2 mark2 Agilepack Gafpa Gear
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