Kinefinity Kinekit MAVO Edge/mark2

819,00 ex Vat

KineKIT-Edge is newly-designed and built by cooperation between Movcam and Kinefinity. As a fully improved 15mm system camera cage, KineKIT-Edge fits MAVO Edge 8K.


The MAVO Edge Kinekit is quite similar to the Kinefinity Kinekit for the MAVO/TERRA except that it’s tailored for the slightly different form factor of the MAVO Edge 8K, 6K, MAVO LF mark2 and MAVO S35 mark2. We wrote an in depth article in our School section about the kinekit. Asides from the different measurements the MAVO Edge/Mark2 Kinekit has another unique selling point which is the “ups” base plate that provides uninterrupted power supply when hotswapping batteries. It works with two npf batteries which are loaded in the bottom plate. If you power your camera with v-lock battery or bpu batteries and you want to switch batteries the camera will stay on which we call “hotswapping”.

Kinefinity Kinekit for MAVO Edge 8K Black background

The Kinefinity Kinekit MAVO Edge/Mark2 includes:

– Enclosed Top Handgrip
– Top Plate
– NATO Slider on Top Plate
– Side Support
– UPS Baseplate
– Al Rod of 15mm diameter, 100mm Length
– Al Rod of 15mm diameter, 200mm Length ×2
– Mini EVF bracket
– Bottom Adapter Plate