Kinefinity MAVO Primes

From 1.999,00 ex Vat

The Kinefinity MAVO primes are discontinued, all info remains accessible on our website for archive purposes


Kinefinity MAVO Prime are designed specifically for large format cinema camera. Superb optical quality, nearly no dispersion even if the lens aperture is wide open (t2.0). The lens supports 8K resolution on Full Frame. It is very easy to create shallow depth of field and smooth focus fall-off cinematic images.

MAVO Primes are designed specifically for large format cinema camera’s. The MAVO Primes have nearly no

dispersion even at the widest aperture (T2.0). The diameter of the image circle of all the lenses exceeds 46.5mm, which can cover MAVO LF/Venice FF/RED Monstro VV/Alexa LF. Due to its ultra high MTF value Mavo Primes supports up to 8K resolution on Full Frame. With its T2.0 aperture It’s very easy to create shallow depth of field and cinematic smooth focus fall-off images.

mavo prime circle diameter

Superb Optical Performance

The MAVO Prime lenses are designed to be colour balanced, colour-matched. Due to the APO (Apochromatic) design, there is nearly no  purple fringing, nor green fringing even at full aperture, so that the prime lenses offers natural color rendition for many challenging scenarios without unwanted artefacts. MAVO Prime have low breathing (compared to still lenses), even on the 75mm and 100mm. Besides, its ultra high MTF value supports 8K resolution on Full Frame, and make image appear very sharp and with good (micro) contrast, with beautiful Bokeh, natural focus transitions and highlight fall-off.  By using ‘retro’ elements like vintage coatings, the flares are super warm while being well controlled at the same time. All MAVO Primes feature 12 aperture blades to get close to round bokeh even stopped down.

Super Compact Lenses for Large Format

Lightweight, compactness are a cinema equipment evolutional trend. MAVO Primes have a very compact body size:

Front diameter of 3.7″(95mm) weight as 1.1~1.3kg, uniform height as 4.5″(117mm) while the image circle diameter of 46.5mm, Aperture of T2.0 and superb optical performance.  even though the weight between lenses might differ they are CG (centre of gravity) optimised, which means that on a gimbal or steadicam it doesnt require rebalancing after a lens swap.

Robustness and Reliability

The cine-style focus and iris rings on MAVO Prime allow for smooth focus and iris adjustments. For all lenses, the focus/iris ring locations are exactly same. The angle of focus rotation is 270 degrees, while the angle of iris rotation is  70 degrees. The smooth and large-range iris ring provides continuous adjustment from T22 to T2.0. The light pass is measured in T-stop instead of F-stop, which is of course a industry standard.

The iris ring features two opposite linear iris scale in T-stop, with 1/3 and 1 stop marks. Also every lens has two focus scales, one for a one man band and one for a first AC (assistant camera).

Multiple Rear Mounts

MAVO primes have a user swappable PL and EF mount, which are shimmable with zeiss CP 3 shims to get accurate backfocus.

100mm CF lens

The MAVO Prime 100mm lens features close focusing ability, so it is called as 100mm CF(Close Focus). With a close focus of only 56cm!

Mavo Primes
25mm 35mm 50mm 75mm 100mm
Aperture T2.1~T22 T2.0~T22 T2.0~T22 T2.0~T22 T2.0~T22
Image Circle (Diameter) 46.5mm
Blades 12
Close Focus 8″/0.21m 12″/0.3m 17″/0.44m 27″/0.69m 22″/0.56m
Weight(PL Version) 2.9lb/1310g 2.8lb/1250g 2.7lb/1210g 2.5lb/1110g 2.7lb/1210g
Focus Rotation 270º
Iris Rotation ~70º
Front Diameter 3.7″/95mm
Length(From PL Flange) 4.5″/117mm
Max. Diagonal Angle of View, for Full Frame 82º 63º 47º 32º 25.5º
Max. Diagonal Angle of View, for S35 52º 39º 28º 19º 14.5º