Kinefinity Fixed Electronic E-Mount

599,00 ex Vat

Kinefinity Fixed electronic E-mount for Kinefinity Mavo LF mark2, Kinefinity Mavo S35 mark2 and the Kinefinity Edge 6k.


Kinefinity Fixed Electronic E-Mount

The Kinefinity fixed e-mount is an active Sony E-mount that attaches to the camera body by means of 4 screws. The Electronic e-mount is compliant with most manual and electronic lenses made for Sony E-mount.

The camera can both control the iris, as it can record it’s metadata, a lens with Image stabilization capabilities will also fully work on this new Kinefinity native E-mount.

For those who don’t require electronics and work with lenses or adapters with a smaller barrel throttle one can choose for the older swappable E-mount which works in conjunction with the KineMOUNT.

This fixed mount is compliant with the following cameras:

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