Kinefinity EVF V2

From 1.999,00 ex Vat

The Kinefinity EFV V2 Full-HD OLED Viewfinder is the latest advancement from Kinefinity’s second-generation viewfinder lineup.


Kinefinity EVF V2

Introducing the KineEVF2 Full-HD OLED Viewfinder, the latest advancement from Kinefinity’s second-generation viewfinder lineup. Building on its predecessor’s success, the KineEVF2 is designed to enhance the cinematographer’s experience through innovative features and advanced technology.

Featuring a full-HD Micro-OLED screen, the KineEVF2 delivers an impressive 1080p resolution and a wide range of 16 million colors, resulting in meticulous image representation with exceptional accuracy and clarity. The built-in diopter adds an extra layer of convenience, ensuring sharp focus according to your visual preference.

The KineEVF2 simplifies interaction with your camera. The integration of recording and playback/menu buttons, along with tactile controls like wheels and customizable buttons, empowers filmmakers to effortlessly manage exposure and focus settings directly from the viewfinder.

Designed for seamless integration, the KineEVF2 employs the Kine Video Cable, a high-quality push-pull cable with a secure locking mechanism. This connection method not only provides power and video signal transmission to compatible camera bodies like MAVO Edge 8K,  MAVO Edge 6K, MAVO S35 Mark 2 and the the MAVO LF Mark 2, and TERRA but also ensures stability during shoots. 

For easy installation, the Movcam EVF bracket offers a secure and precise mounting solution for the KineEVF2 onto your camera body, enhancing stability during use.

Weighing only 350 grams, the KineEVF2 is remarkably lightweight, catering to solo filmmakers and production crews alike. Its thoughtful design strikes a balance between practicality and quality, reflecting Kinefinity’s commitment to supporting filmmakers with reliable tools.

The KineEVF2 Full-HD OLED Viewfinder is a testament to Kinefinity’s dedication to advancing cinematographic tools, offering a valuable asset that contributes to your filmmaking journey.