Aivascope 1.5X Anamorphic Adapter

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The Aivascope 1.5X anamorphic adapter is designed to make a bridge between DIY anamorphic shooters and the professional anamorphic shooters.
It gathers the pros of both scenes and offers the anamorphic look in a small single focus solution, which uses the Arri LWS rod system, so you slide the adapter in front of the spherical lens (taking lens) with a breeze:

Just set the taking lens to infinity, and focus is adjusted with the aivascope. The Aivascope can focus all the way to 80cm’s for close focus, and uses 82mm screw thread for diopters or other filters. The focus ring rotates 190 degrees,, great for both pulling focus by hand or using motors or a follow focus. The adapter weights only 700 grams. The look which is ofc the most important thing about anamorphic shooting is reminiscent of the iscorama 36 adapter, which is the holy grail of 1.5X shooters.

The 1.5X has the so called waterfall bokeh, sexy barrel distortion, and a golden amber coating which renders the famous horizontal flares with a golden touch. Gafpa Gear uses this lens by default on many shoots (check the footage section), and if you have any questions , whether it is about choosing a taking lens, or mounting the adapter to your camera, please don’t hesitate to drop us an email

Recommended taking lenses for full frame coverage (36mmX24mm) from 45 mm to 100mm.

  • Single focus From 80cm to infinity
  • Non rotating front element
  • Focus ring rotates 190 degrees
  • Lens mounting clamp 52mm Filter size
  • 82mm Outer Diameter
  • Weight 700 gr
  • Rear glass element size 38mm
  • Integrated 0.8 pitch focus gear
  • Arri LWS rod system (85mm center rod to center lens)
    amber gold coating