Aivascope Regia 65mm T3.1

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Aivascope Regia 65mm T3.1

The Aivascope Regia 65mm T3.1 is the first entry of a completely new lens series made by Aivascope. Opposed to the Aivascope 1.5X and 1.75X anamorphic series the Regia series consist of spherical lenses. Aivascope will release 4 lenses in this series; 35mm, 45mm, 65mm and 100mm. All lenses will cover a larger frame than full frame (36X24) to be more precise an image circle around 60mm and thus capable to resolve the full Alexa 65mm sensors and smaller sensors like the Red V-Raptor vista vision sensor.

All lenses feature a PL mount but can also be ordered in LPL, all lenses feature a standardized 95mm front diameter, 300 degrees focus rotation with 0.8 standardized gear pitch, internal focusing thus no lens extension during focusing and a unique violet coating.

All of the lenses use a 14 blade rounded iris system for round bokeh which remains almost completely round even while being stopped down.

The 65mm Regia only weights 350 grams and has 55 cm close focus capabilities. All the specifications of the Aivascope Regia 65mm T3.1 can be found under the ‘Specs’ tab.

Aivascope Regia 65mm T3.1 inside

Design philosophy

The design philosophy of Aivascope Regia lenses draws inspiration from the late 19th-century Cooke Triplet lens designs, the foundation of optical lens designs.

Harold Dennis Taylor and Arthur Warmisham introduced the Cooke Triplet lens design in 1893, marking a significant milestone in lens design history. Rapidly gaining popularity, the Cooke Triplet distinguished itself for its exceptional optical performance.

Featuring three lens elements arranged in a precise configuration, this design was pivotal in correcting various optical aberrations, contributing significantly to the advancement of lens technology during that era.

While there are many vintage lens offerings available today, we firmly believe that the triplet lens designs embody a true vintage essence, offering a unique rendering unparalleled by contemporary lenses.

Within the triplet lens design, numerous undiscovered lens formulas present an array of possibilities, ranging from different optical glass types with specific refractive indices and dispersion properties to more corrected lens designs incorporating additional elements to counteract aberrations and coma.

The Regia series employs entirely new optical recipes, leveraging modern calculation methods that bridge the properties of late 19th-century lens designs with today’s technology.

Regia lenses are distinguished by their ability to produce rich skin tones and very saturated colors, unique bokeh with beautiful textures (unlike aspherical design onion rings), and a distinctive bell curve focus fall-off giving this sense of 3d pop to an object while going smoothly into out of focus. If you look for high mtf (modulation transfer function), like resolution these lenses are not for you, however we do not consider these lenses to be soft, and there is plenty of resolution and you will notice how nice they work on harsh digital sensors, with a pleasing roll off to pure white, and a nice lift in the blacks reducing available contrast.

Regular updates under the ‘footage’ tab will provide a deeper understanding of the unique rendering capabilities of these large-format lenses.

  • Arri PL-mount
  • A triplet-based design
  • Image Circle 60mm
  • Aperture T 3.1-32
  • 14 rounded Iris blades
  • Minimum Focus Distance 55cm
  • Front Size 95mm

We’ll post more footage here of the Aivascope Regia 65mm T3.1, once available.

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