Aivascope FARO-350 T-STOP measurement system

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Aivascope Faro-350 T-Stop measurement system

Introducing Aivascope FARO-350 T-stop measurement system, the ultimate user-friendly solution for precision cinema lens T-value measurement and validation. The compact yet functional design houses a scientific-grade factory-calibrated sensor, ensuring great accuracy (T +/-0.005 ) and reliability in every measurement.

Experience the convenience of a standalone device—no need for cumbersome peripherals. Simply plug Aivascope FARO into a power socket warm it up calibrate it with the included calibration cone, and you’re ready to embark on seamless T-value measurement tasks.

With an expanded T-value range from T1.0 to T32, Aivascope FARO accommodates a diverse array of cinema lenses. The built-in LCD display provides immediate live access to your measurement results, enhancing efficiency and workflow.

Aivascope FARO supports industry-standard lens mount types, including PL and LPL, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of cinema lenses. Elevate your lens measurement and validation processes with the cutting-edge technology and user-centric design of Aivascope FARO devices. For further information or to explore additional features, please contact us.

3 years warranty and service.

● Color temperature: 4000K (Neutral White)

● Scientific-grade light sensor components

● Measured T value range: T1.0 – T32

● Measured T value resolution:

0.1 (Normal mode) or 0.01 (Precision mode) in range from T1.0 to T8.0

1 in range from T8.0 to T32

● Maximum lens front diameter: 165mm

● Maximum lens length: 350mm (FARO-350)

● PL and LPL mount adapters

● Overall system (FARO-350) dimensions (W x D x H): 300mm x 300mm x 550mm

● Overall system (FARO-350) dimensions (W x D x H): 13.8in x 13.8in x 21.7in

● System weight: ~12kg/ ~27lbs

● AC input: 100-240V 50/60Hz