Musashi OptMag OMFF 1.7x Large Format Expander

3.999,00 ex Vat

The Musashi 1.7 X extender for large format is an optical adaptor enabling the use of Super 35mm format image circle PL mount lens on large format sensor cameras without vignetting.


With the introduction of full frame and large format Vista Vision cameras, many artists and cinematographers are facing a challenging transition as their investment in Super 35 glass is not compatible with large format sensors.

Instead of selling your tools of choice one can use an expander which lets you deploy your existing glass on a large format sensor and let you capture cleaner and higher resolution images with the use of your existing lenses.  The OptMag 1.7x expander from Musashi Optical increases the image circle of your Super 35 lenses to cover full frame and Vista Vision sensors with an image circle of up to 46.3mm additionally we also offer a 1.4X expander which will work with a lot of s35 lenses and many large format cameras.

The expander increases the image circle of the taking lens by increasing your focal length by 1.7x and reducing your light by 1.5 stops. This is how the Musashi Optical OptMag Expander can convert a Super 35 lens to cover full frame and the larger format of Vista Vision which is over 200 % the coverage of Super 35. The optical design was created to minimize the impact on the character of the taking lens, and there is barely any image loss, and by deploying these lenses on high resolution cameras like larger format cameras you might even get cleaner image than on your existing s35 camera.

The 1.7x expanders sets up easily with its own integrated flange back adjustment, no shimming necessary, just loosening one screw and twist part of the adapter.

The Optmag 1.7x Expander is available in PL to PL mount for use with a wide variety of Super 35 cinema lenses so you can use the S35 lenses you own on a wider variety of cameras for new creative possibilities.