Kipon Baveyes Ultra 0.7x Mamiya 645 to E-Mount

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The only medium format focal reducer in the world. Turn your full frame camera into a medium format camera and see the full angle of view of your Mamiya Sekor C lenses.


Kipon Baveyes Ultra 0.7x Mamiya 645 to E-Mount

The Kipon Baveyes Ultra 0.7x Mamiya 645 to E-Mount medium format focal reducer for cameras with a Sony e-mount, let you use Mamiya 645 medium format lenses and let you see the full angle of view as if you shoot on a Medium Format camera. The Kipon focal reducers reduces the Image circle of a medium format lens by 0.7X so it fits a large format sensor (36X24), but you can use this focal reducer also on cameras with a smaller sensor, and it will still reduce the crop by an amount of 0.7X. A 0.7X focal reducer simply reduces the focal length of a lens while increasing it’s T stop by a factor of 0.7X. As an example a Mamiya 45mm sekor c f2.8 lens in combination with this focal reducer becomes a 31.5mm f2.0 lens. The lens won’t cover a medium format camera but will easily cover a large format camera with this setup because the image circle was reduced effectively by a factor of 0.7X. Any camera equipped with e-mount (including Kinefinity), will work with this setup. You get effectively around the same angle of view out of your lens as if you shoot on a medium format camera like a Mamiya 645!
The focal reducer can also be called a ‘speedbooster’  since it adds one stop of light to the transmission of your lens. The focal reducer was designed together with the German Optics research institution IB/E, and it has almost no artefacts like barrel distortion or corner smear, it’s one of the best focal reducer ever designed and it’s optical cell is used inside the TLS Mamiys rehouses for PL which are used on large cinema productions.
Even though the spring loaded locking system of this adapter will serve you well and the connection lens to adapter is firm, we have a pro version of this adapter with a positive lock. If you need a 100% wiggle free system the Pro lock version of this adapter is the best pick, it features a PL mount style breezing lock, you can find the product here.
Lenses that pair very nicely with this Kipon Bavayes ultra 0.7X adapter  are the Mamiya Sekor c lenses, both n and c types will work.
We have written a lengthy article about the use of Medium format lenses in conjunction with this focal reducer, so if you want to go in depth read our article here.