Kipon Baveyes Ultra 0.7x Mamiya 645 to E-Mount Pro Lock

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The only medium format focal reducer in the world! Turn your full frame camera into a medium format camera and see the full angle of view of your Mamiya Sekor C lenses. Now with positive lock

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The Kipon Bavayes 0.7X medium format focal reducer with Pro Lock for cameras with an e-mount, let you use Mamiya 645 medium format lenses and let you see the full angle of view as if you shoot on a Medium Format camera. The Kipon focal reducers reduces the Image circle of a medium format lens by 0.7X so it fits a large format sensor (36X24), but you can use this focal reducer also on cameras with a smaller sensor, and it will still reduce the crop by an amount of 0.7X.

Due to the Pro lock, which is basically a PL mount (positive lock), you asure an extreme sturdy connection with your camera, so no more lens wiggle, especially with focus motors, and mounting a lens is a breeze, because you dont need to twist the lens, just the lock on the adapter!

The focal reducer can also be called a ‘speedbooster’¬† since it adds one stop of light to the transmission of your lens. The focal reducer was designed together with the German Optics research institution¬†IB/E.
We have written a lengthy article about the use of Medium format lenses in conjunction with this focal reducer, so if you want to go in depth read our article here.