(SOLD) Kipon Colibri 24/35/50/75/90mm demo set

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(SOLD) We have one demo set available in Sony e-mount with imperial marking,  they are 5/5 cosmetically mechanically and optically. Basically brand new, and with full warranty

50% discount. Only 1 set available!

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Kipon Colibri 24/35/50/75/90mm set

the Kipon Colibri cine lenses are Ultra Compact, high quality cinema lenses.  The lenses are designed for short flange mounts with the ability to project a more telecentric image, which will yield good corner sharpness with digital acquisition where OLPF mounts can throw off sharpness due to non telecentric projection. Available mounts: Canon EOS R, Leica SL (panasonic L), Sony E.

Lens character:

  1. Compact, light weight, available in different short flange mounts (CANON RF/SONY E/PANASONIC L)
  2.  Special designed 10 bladed iris, which creates a unique bokeh with a slight edge due to a star shape, which also helps refraction
  3. Outstanding and matched color rendering with a multi coat reminiscent of Cooke Varotal zooms
  4. low distorion and fall off, the widest 24mm lens has slight pleasing barrel distortion the rest has barely no distortion
  5.  T stop of T2.5 across all lenses, with almost no diminishing technical results when shooting wide open
  6. 300 degrees of focus rotation, with built-in Swiss-made bearing system, making focus control more smooth and accurate
  7. 0.8mm standard gear pitch ring both for iris and focus, and the position of the gear rings is the same across all focal lengths making lens changes a breeze
  8. all Five lenses are featured with the same 77mmx0.75 filter thread
  9. Well-controlled lens breath during focusing

Available mounts: Canon EOS R, Leica SL (panasonic l), Sony E

Kipon colibri set lenses specifications