Dulens APO Mini Prime 21mm T2.6

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Dulens APO Mini Prime 21mm T2.6

Available for Pre-Order only. Expected shipping: May 2024. Pre-order deposit is fully refundable.




Dulens APO Mini Prime Overview

The Dulens APO mini prime series caters to cinematographers who desire the nostalgic, low-contrast aesthetics with pronounced flares typical of vintage lenses. However, these cinematographers often reject traditional vintage primes due to their tendency for chromatic aberrations. Dulens answers this with their APO mini primes. These lenses come with a cinema housing that features a non-rotating front, complemented by a long, seamless focus throw, making them indispensable for top-tier productions. Their compact and lightweight design renders them perfect for projects that involve drones, gimbals, and other compact camera setups.

Every lens in the Dulens mini prime series provides a sufficiently broad image circle that can accommodate most large-format cameras, including the Red Monstro and Arri LF. Notably, the 58mm and 85mm models even cover the expansive ARRI Alexa 65 sensor.

Apochromatic Design (APO)

The ‘APO’ in the lens name refers to the apochromatic design. Unlike many contemporaries, the Dulens APO mini primes achieve their standard not by employing aspherical elements, but through a meticulous lens design that aims to minimize chromatic aberrations. Aspherical lenses, while beneficial in some respects, can produce the infamous “onion bokeh” – an outcome of the CNC molding process used in their production. In contrast, Dulens lenses offer clear and distinct bokeh, and due to their high iris blade count, they maintain a circular appearance even at narrower apertures like t5.6 or t8.0. Importantly, the absence of aspherical design means the bokeh is free from undesired textures, such as onion rings.

Focal Length Range

The current Dulens APO mini prime lineup includes 31mm, 43mm, 58mm, and 85mm lenses. Moreover, Dulens is expanding this range, with a 21mm lens slated for release soon. While these lenses draw inspiration from classic designs, they have been recalibrated with modern methods to minimize chromatic aberrations and ensure high MTF (contrast and resolution). A consistent attribute across this lens series is their uniform contrast, color, and flare characteristics, allowing for seamless intercuts.

Lens Composition

  • The 85mm lens is constructed with 7 elements in 6 groups.
  • The 58mm variant has 9 elements in 8 groups (double-Gauss).
  • The 43mm model comprises 10 elements in 8 groups.
  • The 31mm lens uses an advanced retrofocus optical arrangement.

Innovative VC Coating

Dulens introduces a proprietary “V or VL” coating. While some cinematographers have a penchant for non-coated lenses due to their unique flare and bloom effects, the V coating offers the best of both worlds. This coating produces lens flares that are not only captivating but also avoid the light transmission losses associated with non-coated lenses.

Interchangeable Lens Mount System

We at Gafpa ensure that all lenses are meticulously collimated. However, occasional deviations can occur due to issues like an inaccurately collimated camera mount. We’ve anticipated such challenges and provide users with a comprehensive tutorial. Adjustments can be made using a simple lens spanner and screwdriver. Although the lenses are shipped with a PL mount, user-replaceable EF mounts are also available, facilitating a swap in less than 2 minutes.

Lens Markings and Advanced Focus Gears

Outfitted with robust 0.8-pitch focus gears for both iris and focus, the Dulens APO Mini Prime series remains motor-friendly despite its compact design. Tests confirm that with a dual-rod setup, the lenses interface seamlessly with motorized follow focus systems. Furthermore, the inclusion of both metric and imperial markings on the lens ensures users don’t need to specify their preference when ordering.

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