Kinefinity MAVO LF (discontinued)

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the MAVO LF was discontinued in 2022 and replaced with the Kinefinity MAVO LF mark2

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The Kinefinity MAVO LF 6K is discontinued and replaced with the Kinefinity MAVO LF mark2.





High speed Large Format 6K Full Frame CMOS image sensor

MAVO uses an advanced colour processing architecture and top tier CMOS image sensor to achieve low noise and high dynamic range images.

Full Frame / Large Format CMOS Sensor
The Mavo LF uses a completely new 6K CMOS imaging sensor with over 14 stops of latitude. 6K acquisition allows you the creative control to crop and manipulate your image when delivering in 4K, or to oversample to very sharp 4K images with a very low noise floor.The large format 36mm x 24mm sensor gives superb low light capabilities with a very clean image at 5120 iso.

6K ProRes and Raw recording to Internal SSD’s
The Mavo lf has a high quality internal fpga which can encode Prores in all sort of flavors, from Prores lt all the way up to Prores 444XQ. All of this is recorded internally onto standard SSD’s.

> 14 stops with Dual Native ISO
Mavo LF uses a whole-new large format 6K CMOS image sensor featuring a Dual Native ISO of 800/5120. This allows capturing low-noise and wide-latitude images in regular scenes or low-light environments easily. Opening up a whole new world of potential for filmmakers looking to push the boundaries of what is possible in their productions.

High Frame Rates at High Resolutions
With 6k recording up to 75fps, 4K up to 100fps and 2K up to 200fps in Prores Mavo’s frame rates certainly don’t disappoint. The frame rate can also be specified exactly to an accuracy of 0.001fps. These frame rates can be quickly changed on the fly with the use of presets, changing sensor crop, frame rate, resolution, shutter speed and codec with just the push of a button. This makes the Mavo LF very fast to operate for solo operators, as well as providing reassurance that your settings are exactly how you want them.

Compact Modular Design
Despite the high performance of the Mavo LF, the physical size of the camera is remarkably small. Plus coming in at just 990g, the core of the camera is not only small, its light as well. This means the Mavo LF is perfectly suited to gimbal and drone operators looking for the highest quality in the smallest package.
With the addition of the Sidegrip, Kineback-W and interchangeable lens mounts, Mavo is a very modular platform. Enabling you to customise the camera to your exact requirements. The whole lineup for Kinefinity (Terra 4K, Mavo & Mavo LF) has the exact same physical dimensions, ensuring compatibility of accessories across the range.

Interchangeable lens mounts
The Mavo LF ships with a KineMOUNT. This proprietary mount is used to attach a variety of adapters, so you can use the lenses of your choice. The KineMOUNT is designed to be light with active electronic contacts, allowing it to work with PL mounting adapter with /i tech and new cordless EF mounting adapter, EF mounting adapter with KineEnhancer, Nikon F mounting adapter, Sony E adapter, mft, PL/EF mounting adapters with electronic NS, and more. Due to the short flange depth of the e-mount you can convert to any lens mount that exists. All kinefinity lens mounts feature a positive lock, assuring a very sturdy connection between the mount and the lens.

Stunning Images
Both MAVO and MAVO LF can shoot high frame rates at 6K resolution, with the same superior image quality. Both cameras give you more than 14 stops of latitude, pleasing skin tones and shadow details which are preserved perfectly. With 6K 3:2 aspect ratio, in addition to the conventional 16:9 and 17:9 standard aspect ratio, the CMOS sensor can also provide a variety of image formats, such as 4:3 & 6:5 S35 anamorphic shooting. Even open gate 6016×4016 is an option, recording up to 24 million pixels! Te colour science is very close to te ARRI Alexa, and Gafpa Gear provides conversion luts to Arri log c, to match up exactly.

With kinefinity cameras you can shoot in any anamorphic squeeze ratio, from 1.33 to 1.42, 1.5, 1.8 and 2X. The Mavo LF features even negative anamorphic ratios, for vertical desqueeze, like 0.67X and 0.5X. The aspect ratio of the sensor is ideal, and there are many anamorphic resolutions in-camera, like the traditional 6:5 18mm height, like on 4 perf 35mm film and arri alexa open gate.

Smooth Post-workflow: ProRes444
The Mavo LF allows Prores recording to give you a range of codecs suitable for editing and colour grading to simplify the workflow and provide the maximum room for post-processing.
It’s capable to shoot Apple ProRes, up to ProRes4444XQ in 12 bit and Prores 422 HQ in 10 bit

Wireless Camera: KineBACK-W on DarkTower
After inserting a wireless card (based on DarkTower platform) into the new KineBACK-W, Mavo and Mavo LF turn into a wireless camera: enabling wireless video transmission and wireless lens control (with supported Movcam systems). This greatly simplifies working with the camera and the accessories, with a reliable and durable wireless connection. The wireless video can work with 2000ft/3000ft based on different wireless cards(DT2000/DT3000).


Body Only 

  • MAVO LF Body

Handheld Package

  • MAVO LF Body
  • KineMON-5U Ultra-Bright Monitor
  • SideGrip: Full Function Battery Grip
  • GripBAT 45Wh for SideGrip
  • KineMAG 500GB

Core Package

  • MAVO LF Body
  • KineMAG 500GB
  • Movcam Top Handgrip
  • KineBACK-W
  • KineEVF Full-HD OLED Viewfinder
  • KineBAT 75 PD V-Mount Battery Pack (2)

Production Package

  • MAVO LF Body
  • KineMAG 500GB
  • KineBACK-W
  • KineEVF Full-HD OLED Viewfinder
  • KineBAT 75 PD V-Mount Battery Pack (2)
  • KineBAT 150 PD V-Mount Battery Pack (2)
  • KineMON-7H High-bright Monitor
  • KineKIT (with Shoulder Pack)
  • Kine AC Adapter
  • Kine D-TAP Power Cord (60cm)
  • MAVO/TERRA Solid Case