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KineBACK, is an expansion module for MAVO/TERRA. It features with following interfaces and functions: dual 3G-SDI monitoring outputs, dual XLR ports for Phantom-powered 48V MIC, time code input and output, SYNC, DC Power outputs, and all-metal V-mount battery plate with dual D-Tap ports.

Dual 3G-SDI Monitoring

KineBACK automatically supports 3G SDI by both hardware and software. SDI monitoring can work once KineBACK is mounted on TERRA/MAVO/MAVO LF.

For SDI monitoring:

Work with HD digital port and KineMON port simultaneously: display with parameters or clean display;
The displays of SDI and HD digital port, KineMON port are the same.
In addition, about SDI monitoring output, do not recommend recording as external recorder.

Professional Audio Recording: KineAudio
Audio can be recorded by TERRA/MAVO body:

In-camera MIC can record audio without any other microphone connected;
A plug-in-power audio input port is designed for external 3.5mm microphone.
In addition, KineBACK has a recording/preamp module – KineAudio. KineAudio supports dual balanced MIC-IN with or without 48V. That means the dual XLR ports provide phantom-power 48V to external microphones. The upward XLR ports (standard) are well protected by silicone covers electronically. The SNR of KineAudio ADC is 110dB, 48KHz 24-bit, which meets the quality of broadcast.

All-Metal V-Mount Battery Plate
SONY V-mount battery plate is the industry standard of broadcast and filmmaking. Since KineMAX, Kine cameras started to integrate V-mount battery plate. In order to match TERRA/MAVO/MAVO LF system to the best, V-mount battery plate is also integrated onto KineBACK.

More importantly, the battery plate is machined by aluminum alloy, which makes it much more reliable than other ABS/plastic plates. It is a great news for cinematographers shooting in harsh environment.

In addition, there are two standard D-Tap outputs on the top of V-mount battery plate at KineBACK. Note that D-Tap outputs are connected directly to V-mount battery, so the output voltage varies from 11V to 19V, instead of regulated 12V. Like XLR ports, D-Tap ports also have a silicone cover to protect the internal electrical connection.

If you want to use Anton-Bauer (golden mount) broadcast battery, a V-mount to Anton-Bauer Plate Adapter is needed as it can be mounted on the V-mount battery plate, then supports Anton-Bauer (golden mount) broadcast battery. It’s reliable and simple.

Timecode Input and Output
KineBACK also supports timecode input and output. Once mounted on TERRA/MAVO, KineBACK can output timecode to other equipment such as sound recorders, which means the sound recorder, employs the same timecode from TERRA/MAVO. KineBACK can use timecode from external timecode generator if TERRA/MAVO is set as timecode slave.

Timecode port is a reliable 5-pin push-pull socket, which can also become BNC ports or timecode ports of other timecode generator like Ambient products if using appropriate Kine Timecode Cords.

EXT port and Wireless lens control
The EXT port on KineBACK provides mbus communication and power (from V-mount battery directly) to Movcam motor UM4 which is latest daisy chain motor, for cine lens focus, even iris and zoom. So there is no need for 2.4G wireless receiver to lens control.

Besides, the port also provides one regulated 12V@1A DC output, which could be used to power external monitors and other accessories. It reduces the usage of other external batteries for accessories like LP-E6, NP-F970 and Nikon batteries, and brings the big convenience to power management of the camera and accessories system.

Note: it needs V-mount battery attached to KineBACK, to provide power to Motor UM4 (from Movcam) while regulated 12V works even without V-mount battery attached.

SYNC (3D/VR Ready)
Due to the lightweight and small form factor, TERRA/MAVO is perfect to construct 3D system and VR/360° system. 3D/SYNC of TERRA/MAVO also realizes the true synchronization of CMOS sensors as following:

Timecode SYNC;
Frame SYNC;
CMOS sensors SYNC with mismatch less than 5us.
Sync mechanism is realized through SYNC port on KineBACK. In another word, only with KineBACK, TERRA/MAVO can be hardware-ready for 3D/VR SYNC:

For 3D system, both TERRA/MAVO cameras need to be equipped with KineBACK and a SYNC cord connecting the SYNC ports of the two KineBACKs. No extra software option needs to be purchased;
For a multi-camera sync system (more than two), all TERRA/MAVO cameras need to be equipped with KineBACK. Besides, you should purchase a KineSYNC device and a few SYNC cords: one KineSYNC device can sync up to eight TERRAs/MAVOs (one master camera and seven slave cameras).
In short, TERRA/MAVO + KineBack is a simple system ready for 3D/VR shooting.

KineBACK weighs only 490g, even with a V-mount battery plate made of metal.

Note: KineBACK only supports TERRA 4K or MAVO produced since May, 2018.