LOMO OKC 6-75-1 Rehoused by TK lenses

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LOMO OKC 6-75-1 Rehoused by TK lenses 75mm T2.2

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LOMO OKC 6-75-1 Rehoused by TK lenses

For sale is a mint rehoused LOMO OKC 6-75-1 by TK Lenses equipped with a PL mount. This is a 75mm T2.2 lens which covers beyond Large format 36X24mm sensors. Please note that this is TK their pricier rehousing option ($1595 without optics); you can find all original information about this rehouse HERE.

The optics are excellent with minimal dust and a few superficial coating scratches; there is no haze whatsoever. These imperfections do not affect its optical quality or flare characteristics. Various coatings have been developed and this is one of the last Lomos made since this version was made in ’89 (the year of the end of the Soviet Union).

The coating is a multicoat with prominent purple and green hues, offering superior color rendition in different lighting conditions compared to a single blue coat. When rehousing, we always carefully select optical cells to ensure the best quality, this lens cell is very well centered, and will perform at its best!

Despite the fact this lens was designed for 16X22 cinematography film it will cover 36X24mm and beyond with good corner details and illumination! See the port hole test below made by ILya Volkov from Moscow optical workshop, a porthole test doenst really show fall off in illumation but the point is clear!

lomo okc 6-75 1 coverage by moscow optical workshop

This rehouse is a significant upgrade from the Konvas or other original Lomo housings, featuring internal focus, no extending or rotating front, a 95mm front outer diameter, and a 270-degree focus throw. It has significantly fewer lens shifts and backlash compared to original Lomo housings.

The rehouse is in mint condition and was purchased by us to verify all rehousing options, including GL optics. We plan to rehouse all our lenses with Ilya Volkov in the future.

The TK rehouse is a budget option, but it still may exhibit minor lens shifts and backlash also NOTE that on the lens it states T2.4, we have verified this with a Aivascope Faro t stop measuring device (see picture under history), and it’s a T2.2 lens, which is on par with all Lomo 6-75mm original housings. However, considering the low price, it’s a fantastic piece of equipment, especially when compared to the significantly more expensive TLS GL and Whitepoint rehouses.

There is always a correlation between what you pay and what you get, but TK has done an excellent job with this rehouse.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

the LOMO OKC 6-75-1 is a 75mm  T2,2 cinema lens designed in the 70’s it’s in Gafpa’s opinion one of the nicest offerings from LOMO, it has wide coverage, can be used on vista vision sensors, and has low lens breathing, many iris blades to keep the bokeh round and smooth even while being stopped down.

Lomo OkC 6-75-1 lens design

The 6-75 is the 6th alteration of the lens design, and offers low chromatic aberration, little distortion in geometry, and a very nice low contrast which looks great on digital sensors. Yet the resolution is very high, especially when being stopped down to t5.6

TK lenses made one mistake most probably because they do not have a T stop measuring device. On the lens it’s noted that the lens is T2.4 yet it is T2.2 we have verified this with our Aivascope FARO-350 T stop measuring instrument.

Aivascope FARO 350

  • 75mm lens T2.2
  • 67 cm close focus!
  • 0.85 kg weight (without front and PL cap)
  • 95mm Front OD
  • 92mm front filter threads
  • Completely internal focusing, no extending, no rotating during focus.
  • Stainless steel PL mount.
  • 270 degrees focus throw

This video below was specifically shot on this lens block, so a good example, to be even more precise this was shot in a large format 36X24mm sensor area

This was shot on this exact lens block, on a 22X16mm sensor area (35mm)