Kipon Baveyes 0.7x M645 for PL mount

1.880,00 ex Vat

KIPON BAVEYES M645-PL 0.7x is a high quality optical adapter which allows Mamiya 645 medium format lens to mount onto PL pro cine camera body. The 0.7x optic adapter gets rid of crop factor, and increases the aperture.

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Kipon Baveyes 0.7x M645 for PL mount

The Kipon Baveyes 0.7X focal reducer for medium format Mamiya645 lenses like Sekor C is the only medium format focal reducer that can reduce the image circle of a medium format lens onto a large format camera (full frame), so you can see the intended angle of view of the lens. Deploying your Mamiya lenses in conjunction with this adapter gives your lenses a wider angle of view and you gain 1 extra stop of light thus a T2.8 lens becomes T2.0.  This focal reducer exists with different mounting options, in this case the rear adapts to a PL mount camera. We also have options for E-mount, L mount, LPL mount and RF mount (canon eos R).

With KIPON BAVEYES M645-PL 0.7x adapter, although the lens will fit physically, automatic diaphragm, auto-focusing, or any other functions will not work.  The most popular option are full manual Mamiya sekor c lenses, (both the n and c type works wonderfully)

  • Features
  1. solid well-made,
  2. Focus infinity is well collimated
  3. made of Alum and Brass, with perfect surface finishing, super precise design
  4. Optic designed by IBE Optics in Germany
  5. make your lens appear wider and gain more high-speed
  • Package Includes: 1x Brand New KIPON BAVEYES M645-PL 0.7 Adapter