Kinefinity 65 Watt PD Power Adapter

49,00 ex Vat

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The 65W PD Power Adapter has the abilities to rapidly charge the KineBAT PD v-lock batteries 75/150 directly and provide fast charging for GripBAT 4S or GripBAT 2S by working in conjunction with the whole-new super fast PD Hybrid Dual Charger.

V-Mount Battery Charger

As a PD rapid charger with capacity to 65W, the 65W PD Power Adapter enables quick and efficient charging to the charged devices, such as charging a KineBAT PD 75, the battery power can reach to 80% within 90 mins, and charging to a KineBAT PD 150, the battery power can reach to 80% within 3 hours, faster than most traditional V-Mount chargers. The 65W PD Power Adapter is compatible with most of USB-C electronic devices based on PD protocol such as the Apple Macbook and smart phones.

In comparison to the traditional V-Mount battery charger, 65W PD Power Adapter is designed with a portable body. It weighs only one third of traditional V-Mount adapter. Traditional V-Mount battery chargers are often produced with big noise for the fan installed inside, but the 65W PD Power Adapter has more optimizations on the design: high integrated PCB design without fan in the body, so it features zero noise and fast charging speeds. Not limited to these, the price of the 65W adapter is also more affordable than the traditional chargers. What a creative product to charge such big batteries!


  • Output Port: USB-C;
  • Input Voltage: AC100~240V, 1.6A~60HZ;
  • Output Voltage: 5V/9V/12V/15V (Max Current: 3A), 20V (Max Current: 3.25A);
  • Work Temp: 0°C~+40°C;
  • Weight: 96g (without cable);
  • Size: 50x50x28mm (without cable).

Note: Any issues because of too much internal resistance in the battery pack, or any protections to disable the charging because of the quality of mismatched type-c cable, are not belonging to the quality of 65W PD Power Adapter.


1. 65W PD Power Adapter×1;
2. 5A high quality USB-C cable (1.5m)×1.