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Turn your Fujifilm X-H2s into an ARRI ALEXA with this LUTPACK by Gafpa Gear.



Turn your Fujifilm X-H2s into an ARRI ALEXA

Gafpa Gear’s LUTPACK for the Fujifilm X-h2s* consists of a 65X65 highly accurate post production Cube LUT, to convert Fujifilm X-H2 F-Log2 color space into the ARRI ALEXA log-c color space during post-production. Most colorists are very familiar with ARRI color science and consider it the golden standard, and thus prefer to use that as a starting point when starting a grading.

*These LUTS will work on any F-Log2 camera, so also on the newly released X-H2.

Fast turn around LUT

On top of the Log transform we also include a fast turn around LUT which transforms your Fujifilm X-h2s into an  ARRI ALEXA with a REC709 LUT applied. For creative purposes we also add a 65X65 CUBE with our Kodak 250D lut, which is altered to play nicely with the Fujifilm X-H2s camera.

33X33 Cube LUTS

Also included in the LUTPACK are 33X33 Cube LUTS for in camera monitoring thus for on set matching the Alexa look. Turn your Fujifilm X-H2s into an ARRI ALEXA and use it as a B cam to an ARRI or simply as an A cam!

Side by Side

Below you will find a video example of an ARRI ALEXA and a Fujifilm X-H2s side by side, in this case the Fujifilm was top mounted, and in post both the ARRI and the Fujifilm were cropped to match each other spatial position. Our LUTS were applied to show a close to perfect match!

Included in the LUTPACK:

  • F-Log2 to ARRi Log-C | 65 cube
  • F-Log2 to ARRI Rec709 | 65 cube
  • F-Log2 to Kodak 250D | 65 cube
  • F-Log2 to ARRi Log-C | 33 cube
  • F-Log2 to ARRI Rec709 | 33 cube
  • F-Log2 to Kodak 250D | 33 cube