ARRI Alexa XT Plus (SOLD)

7.999,00 ex Vat

ARRI Alexa XT Plus (XR module) with lot’s of accessories was SOLD march 2023.


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ARRI Alexa XT Plus (SOLD)

ARRI Alexa XT Plus (XR module) with 4516 hours on the clock. The camera has all bundles unlocked for this camera including the Alexa Xtreme bundle and the Alexa Plus bundle 4:3.  We include  a lot of accessories, however we did not include batteries or a charger in this sale. We can sell a brand new Hawk Woods battery and charger with this kit, but can only ship within Europe with this combination because of necessary paperwork for such batteries.

In Open Gate mode, the ALEXA XT can record ARRIRAW at a resolution of 3414 x 2198 (1.55:1 aspect ratio). Vertically, that’s a higher resolution than most 4K cameras today, which come in at 2160 vertical lines. The image can be scaled by only 20% for a 4K finish, or 15% for Ultra HD finishing. This camera is ideal for lovers of the anamorphic format, or academy ratio shooters (1.33 aspect ratio). The 4 provided Codex capture drives can record the superb ARRI RAW format at up to 75fps in open gate and 96 fps in 4:3 and 120fps in 16:9. Obviously the camera can also record Prores.

The sensor is clean, no scratches on the OLPF and no dead pixels. The camera has no defects and only cosmetic signs of wear and tear. The viewfinder glass and display are both in good condition. All accessories on the pictures are included in this bundle, including the official Arri Alexa XT flightcase.

This camera is a ready to shoot package, just add a lens and a battery and you are ready to go!

Don’t hesitate to reach out in case you want to have more information about this specific sale [email protected]

What’s in the box

  • Arri Alexa XT Plus (all bundles installed)
  • 1x Arri Alexa XT PLUS
  • 1x EVF-1
  • 1x Dovetail
  • 1x VEB-1 Viewfinder Extension Bracket
  • 1x EVF Cable KC 150-S Short
  • 1x EVF Cable KC 151-S Long
  • 1x BPA-1 Bridge Plate Adaptor
  • 1x LB-1 Leveling Block
  • 1x BP-12 Bridge Plate
  • 1x Shoulder Pad
  • 1x power adapter
  • 1x 3-pin XLR to Fisher power cable
  • 1x 15mm rods medium
  • 1x 19mm rods short
  • 1x 19mm rods medium
  • 1x 19mm rods long
  • 2x Imbus
  • 2x Antenna
  • Codex Reader cdx-75112 USB3.0 
  • 4x codex capture drives 512gb