Kinefinity Kinekit Mavo/Terra V2

499,00 ex Vat

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Standard Package

It includes:

  • Closed Top Handgrip: it greatly improves the safety of holding and avoids accidental falling off
  • The new NATO slider: it can directly support the installation of wireless follow focus through 15mm aluminum rod
  • Top Plate: a threaded hole is added on its side to directly install the Movcam mini EVF bracket, but this bracket is optional.
  • Side Support: it adds an ARRI rosette and supports the installation of a side NATO slide rail. Similarly, the sideNATO slide rail is also optional
  • Bottom Riser: it adopts the Manfrotto quick-release plate design, which can be installed on Manfrotto tripod, and directly on the Ronin-S and Ronin-RS
  • Multiplate: its bottom supports the use of 15mm to 19mm wedge plates
  • Full Package
  • including optional accessories: mini EVF bracket and side NATO rail
  • MSRP: 599€ ex.VAT


Read out blog post about this new product, it’s two minutes of your time and it will answer all of your questions. 

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