Intellytech MEGA-LiteCloth

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The Intellytech MEGA-LiteCloth is a 300 Watt Led Mat measuring 137cm by 91cm.

The flexible Mat consists out of 8 different sections, that fold into a 40cm by 30cm package. This unique design allows you to create broad, bright, natural looking light that can be setup fast and travel small.

The external controller lets you control the brightness and color temperature (3000 to 10.000 Calvin) and is powered by v-lock battery or ac-power with the included adapter. To adjust the settings the external controller lets you use both touchpad and knobs, or you can use the remote or external dmx controllers.

Sold as a Complete Kit Including:

– Intellytech MEGA-LiteCloth
– Softbox
– Diffuser
– Grid
– Mounting Bracket
– Ballast (Controller) with Attached Battery Plate
– AC Adapter
– Carrying Case (105cmx35cmx30cm)

The Intellytech MEGA-Litecloth has a claimed output of 8000 lux @ 1 meter when it is set to 5600 kelvin. The independent highly regarded people from have tested this and have confirmed this very high output. Image courtesy of

IntellyMEGA LC Output

Above you can see the Intellytech Mega-LiteCloth 3’x4.5′ LED Mat recorded an output of exactly 8000 lx 744 (fc) when set at 5600K and run off mains power. This is identical to the claimed output from Intellytech. 8000 lx from a flexible LED light is impressive.




The Intellytech Mega-LiteCloth produced a Kelvin color temperature of 5592K, which was extremely accurate. As you can see above, it is basically dead on for creating a 5600K source.



Intellytech mega LC vlock battery also tested how much output the Intellytech Mega-LiteCloth had when being run off v-lock batteries. Usually, lights have less output when being run off batteries as opposed to mains power. The Mega-LiteCloth had an output of 7260 lx (674 fc) at 5600K. That was 9.25% less than when it was run off mains power. This is marginal loss and one most users would probably struggle to see.. So again very impressive results!



Intellytech mega LC CRI 3200 kelvin

Above you can see the scores for when the Intellytech Mega-LiteCloth was used at 3200K. It recorded an average CRI (R1-R8) of 98.1 and an extended CRI (R1-R15) of 96.43. For replicating accurate skin tones it recorded 89.4 for R9 (red), 98.6 for R13 (closest to caucasian skin tones), and 96.8 for R15 (closest to Asian skin tones). Again pristine results.


Intellytech mega LC CRI

Above you can see that when the Intellytech Mega-LiteCloth light was set at 5600K it recorded an average CRI (R1-R8) of 96.9 and an extended CRI (R1-R15) of 95.06. For replicating accurate skin tones it recorded for 85.7 R9 (red), 97.5 for R13 (closest to caucasian skin tones), and 95.7 for R15 (closest to Asian skin tones). These are very good results.