Intellytech LiteCloth LC-160 2.0

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The Intellytech LC-160 2.0 is a 160 Watt Led Mat measuring 56cm by 56cm. The flexible Mat consists of 4 different sections, that fold into a 30cm by 30cm square. This unique design allows you to create broad, bright, natural looking light that can be setup fast and travel small.

  • New All-in-one Control Box – The new 2.0 LiteCloth controllers now have the AC built-in, allowing for a faster and simpler setup. Weight – 3 pounds. Dimensions – 9.25″ x 5″ x 2″
  • Upgraded Cable System – Thread-less, Click in and out for fast, precise and secure connections. This applies to the 4 pin cable on the LED mat as well as the PowerCON cable for AC power.
  • Effects Mode Added – Built with 9 different effects. Each effect can be programmed according to speed and intensity.
  • Bluetooth for App Control – Control a single light or groups of lights via the Intellytech LiteSync app.
  • Grommets – For peace of mind and additional mounting options, each LC-160 2.0 if fitted with 8 high-strength metal grommets. Also included are 2 grommet ties as an optional mounting point between your LiteCloth and your bracket.

Tremendous Output – Reaching 160 Watts, the LC-160 2.0 is equivalent to a 1.500 Watt Tungsten Soft Light. Even without using the including softbox, the LC-160 2.0 creates a vast spread that will wrap around your subject.

Folding Design –  The LC-160 2.0 has a firm backing behind the Mat, but can also fold down at its collapsible cross sections.  This unique form factor allows for the light to be mounted in seconds without the need for a giant metal frame or x-bracket. In addition, users can now travel with a 2’x2′ Light Kit that takes up less space than a conventional 1’x1′ panel.

Quick & Intuitive Mount – The included Mount securely attaches to the rear of the Mat via a special high-strength Velcro. It attaches in seconds and is extremely secure. Like the Mat, the Mount also folds down allowing it to pack easily into the carrying case.

Immense Color Range with High Accuracy – Set the LC-160 2.0 anywhere from 3.000K-10.000K with excellent color rendition (CRI/TLCI 95+). On top of having greater creative control, this vast color range also gives the user close to 100% output from 3.500k-9.500k. All of the Bi-Color LED’s are always on throughout this range, eliminating the worry for output loss on a bi-color fixture.

Bluetooth Control – Control your LiteCloth via apps like Intellytech LiteSync

Wireless Control – An optional Wireless Controller can control up to 100 LC-160’s

DMX Ready – The LC-160 2.0 can be controlled via DMX (512) for those looking to setup inside of a studio. The user can control both brightness and output either via a 512 DMX controller or via the optional Wireless Controller.

Power Options – Power the light via AC or battery.

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