Kinefinity EF Mount KineEnhancer version 3

799,00 ex Vat


This is the successor of the kinEenhancer version 2. A both mechanically and optically improved version.

Based on active locking mount as EF II series adapters, the whole-new EF 3 Mounting Adapter w/ KineEnhancer is designed in accordance with traditional DSLR lens rotation method but improved on this concept. Compared to the previous version, the EF 3 Mounting Adapter w/ KineEnhancer not only uses the traditional EF way to rotate the lens clockwise, but also has an added positive lock to fasten the lens. By combining regular locking with positive lock you can easily attach the lens with one hand but at the same time lock it more firmly so you won’t have any lens wiggle which is ideal for cinematography. Thus the EF lens can be installed quickly and locked clockwise the same as a PL lens, which is suitable for the utilization of Follow Focus when shooting.

The Kinefinity KineEnhancer turns Kinefinity cameras from S35 to Full Frame cameras and increase light sensitivity by one T-stop when using Full Frame EF lenses.
This enhancer will gives you a wider angle and better performance in low-light environments. A lot of people are familiar with these products under the name of ‘Focal reducers’ or ‘Speedboosters’.

With this adapter, TERRA 4K turns into large S35 camera (crop factor 1.3 ), MAVO 6K turns into full frame camera. And as for MAVO LF and the MAVO Edge, EF 3 Mounting Adapter w/ KineEnhancer can be used under S35 mode to shoot full frame image (there is vignetting under FF mode if used in combination with this adapter).
Please visit and buy the Regular EF 3 Mounting Adapter or EF 3 Mounting Adapter w/ e-ND if you don’t need focal reducer.

EF 3 Mounting Adapter w/ KineEnhancer features:

– Improved DSLR lens locking method: rotate the lens clockwise until stop;
– Keep cine camera active locking method: lock the lens clockwise to fasten firmly
– Hot-swap: change your lenses while the camera is on; offer extra electric protection;
– Electronic contacts: support majority of EF lenses with Iris control;
– Simple but reliable connection: the new mounting adapter matches KineMOUNT perfectly without any cord;
– Lightweight: it weighs only 200g, but still reliable and robust.

Perfect creation with Enhanced performance by KineEnhancer

KineEnhancer has a highly accurate optic glass built-in to the mounting adapter. It focal reduces the image circle by a factor of 0.72X thus brings wider angle of view and one more stop of light sensitivity on top of the max aperture of the lens.

The features of KineEnhancer based on optical precision include:

– Focal reducing factor = 0.72X
– Increase maximum aperture up to: 1 stop;
– Crop factor to: 1.1 when using on MAVO 6K;
– Crop factor to: 1.3 when using on TERRA 4K;
– Very good performance on edges sharp from corner to corner and no added colour fringing (chromatic abberation).
– Steps to attach/detach EF 3 Mounting Adapter w/ KineEnhancer and EF 3 Mounting Adapter w/ e-ND are same with regular EF 3 Mounting Adapter.

How to Attach/detach the EF lens to the EF 3 mount?
Steps of attaching EF lens to new EF 3 mount as following:

1. Unlock: Rotate locking ring of EF 3 mount counter-clockwise till it stops; (Take off all the caps or covers from camera and lens mount;);
2. Install EF lens: Align red dot on lens, white line on locking ring and dot on mount. And make sure that the pin on mount matches the hole of lens; rotate EF lens clockwise until the release button faces up;
3. Lock: Rotate locking ring of EF 3 mount clockwise as the arrow direction indicaters until it fastenes firmly.

Steps of detaching EF lens from new EF 3 mount:

1. Unlock: Rotate locking ring of EF 3 mount counter-clockwise till it stops;
2. Detach EF lens: Fully press the release button on the right side of EF 3 mount and rotate EF lens counter-clockwise.