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Kinefinity Cinema Cameras



Kinefinity Cinema Cameras form the base of Gafpa Gear.
  • High build quality including high quality outputs like Lemo and SDI.
  • Swappable mounts with positive lock.
  • A color matrix (science) that’s very close to the industry standard (Alexa)..
  • An extremely small and lightweight camera that you can snap in a small bag.
  • A modular system with high end proprietary accessories like a very small full HD Oled.
  • Non-proprietary media like SSD 2.5 inch so you can install your own inexpensive media.
  • Very high in camera Debayer and color matrix processing up to 12 bit in Prores4444.
  • In-camera High Res pixel binning Oversample for higher color fidelity and lower noise (higher dynamic range).
  • A cinematography minded User interface, made for filmmakers.

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