Here you can find firmware for your Kinefinity camera. You can choose for the latest firmware update or browse our archive and find an older update.

Before you install, please read the instructions below carefully and note that Gafpa Gear cannot be held responsible for any wrongly installed firmware.

Kinefinity Firmware Instructions

Remove lens and make sure the camera is powered by stable source for more than one hour, AC power adapter is suggested.

Turn on the camera, insert the FAT/FAT32 USB stick containing new firmware, choose to upgrade firmware by [Config–>System–>Upgrade];

Some Kine accessories have their own firmware which needs to be upgraded with each new firmware version. When camera body is fully upgraded, please add all your Kine accessories like KineMON, EVF, sidegrip, KineBACK-W, and ALL lens adapters individually and upgrade again. Firmware-mismatch between camera body and accessories may introduce some bugs.