Here you find our first addition to this LUT (look up table) section, namely the Gafpa Gear ETTL luts (expose to the left). These Luts are intended as exposure Luts and work the best on the Kinefinity MAVO LF and MAVOs35. Please note that ettl+0 is the same is the standard inbuild kineneutm lut, but its better to upload them all (so include ettl+0 ) so they appear in a much better order (much easier to toggle through).

Start with getting yourself familiar with ettl+1 first.  According to us and most people who tested it, its a much better balance between highlights and shadows. The Lut will force you to underexpose by one stop by displaying the image one stop brighter.

When the camera is proper black balanced, you wont have any issues, and win one extra stop of dynamic range.

The other more extreme ETTL Luts (+2 and +3) are to confidently monitor your shadows when you go extreme with underexposing your sensor. it will give you a good idea of how much you sacrifice in shadow detail. We consider Ettl +3 to be an experimental LUT and you shouldn’t use it to monitor your exposure if you haven’t made yourself familiar with +1 and +2 first. Its much preferred to bypass all other exposure functions inside your camera which means: shoot in iso ISO mode  (800 or 5120 on the Mavo LF) and use Highlightstops 4.3 by default.

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Let us know about your experiences with the ETTL LUTS.

Here are two tutorial videos, please watch them if you aren’t familiar with Exposing the the left! If you need additional help